Concerned Citizen

My dad was COVID collateral.

From Brooks, AB

Wed Feb 02 2022


My dad, a vaccinated 65 year old, died during one of the biggest COVID spikes in Alberta. He died of multiple organ failure caused by malnutrition and dehydration after spending around two weeks in the hospital. That's it: he died of MALNUTRITION AND DEHYDRATION IN A CANADIAN HOSPITAL.

He was surrounded by COVID. The health care system, the nurses, and the doctors, absolutely swamped by the COVID surge, missed him. And my dad, a fully vaccinated man who entered the hospital with a lung infection, died of malnutrition and dehydration because his needs were not met because Every. Single. ICU. Bed. Was. Taken. By. A. COVID. Patient.

Unvaccinated people are KILLING PEOPLE. At the time that he died, the Albertan government still hadn't committed to any kind of vaccine mandates. They refused to take COVID seriously for far too long. They killed my dad. And when I wrote to them about it, begging them to do something so others didn't have to die, I didn't even hear a word back. Not even from my MLA.

The Albertan government continues to kill people. Unvaccinated people taking up health care resources are killing people. And so many of us are hurting because of it.

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