Patient or Family Member

Had to sit by as she begged me not to call the ambulance

From Victoria, BC

Wed Jan 26 2022


My girlfriend and I caught covid and to isolate stayed in a camper trailer. During the day things would be fine other than her unable to get out of bed. At night the situation would get worse and she would have breathing episodes where it hurt to breath and I couldn't do anything to help her. She whispered to me multiple times that it felt like she was suffucating and dying. She even mentioned how it would be so much easier for her to just stop breathing. I obviously wanted to call someone but as soon as I brought it up she begged me not to. She was afraid of being alone in the hospital. I was holding all my emotions in because if I got freaked out she would suffer more worrying about me. I have never been this close to losing someone I love. I'm lucky to say that we are both doing better now and she is recovering but those moments will stay in my head forever.

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