Healthcare Provider

Nurses Entered into Societal Slavery

From Hamilton, ON

Fri Jan 21 2022


It’s been almost two full years. There is no end in sight. The Emergency department I work in is full or over capacity almost every single day. The rare occasion that it’s not people take photos and scoff at the claims that it is overwhelmingly packed and falling apart. We are abused every single day by patients and their families. Usually more than once. All over problems that I didn’t create and have no control in fixing. We are abused, stripped of all of our rights, no vacation time allowed, no right to bargain, a wage set to deflate yet again. We have become societies slaves of the pandemic. Broken, beaten, spit on, valued to be worth less. Don’t come crying to us anymore, we are all out of compassion. End Bill 124 or there isn’t going to be any nurses left willing to take care of those who need it.

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