Healthcare Provider

ICU nurse reflection

From Downtown Toronto, ON
Downtown Toronto

Fri Jan 21 2022

Toronto ICU Nurse

The horror everyone in our sector has experienced over the past few years is unfathomable except to the patients who had front seat tickets to our health care under siege. We were often short staff. This left us with double, or even triple our regular patient loads. There are stories of patients dying because we were not able to spend the necessary time with them to witness their decline or give them necessary interventions on time. My story involves a 20 year old. 20. Year. Old. Who almost died in my care because I was busy caring for my other patient that I did not see her take off her oxygen monitoring device or hear her struggling for breath. Then, more horror when we leave work after shifts like this to the public protesting mask mandates or something to that tune OUTSIDE of our hospital. We feel unappreciated by the government who have legislated bill 124 which reduces our bargaining capacity for better wages, employers who tell you that you are valuable yet their voice is not loud in their advocacy for us, and the public….. who protests in front of a hospital and some even post on social media debating the realness of the pandemic. Well, to clarify-It is real. And it sucks.

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