Concerned Citizen

ODSP and OW are not the same.

From Cambridge, ON

Thu Oct 21 2021


Something I've learned since this pandemic started is that ODSP and OW are lumped together as if they were the same.

Let me tell you. ODSP is for people who are disabled and unable to work due to their disability.

OW is for people who are able to work but cannot find a job.

Believe me there is a huge difference in the 2 programs so why are they under the same roof?

People on ODSP are living 40% below the poverty line. How can the Ontario government justify this!

Forcing people who cannot work go without food and basic daily essentials.

The government has left recipients on ODSP feeling so FORGOTTEN and HOPELESS!

If people cannot afford the everyday basics to get by on how does the government expect them to buy masks, sanitization for their hands and around their homes if they are fortunate enough to not have been lost to the streets and homelessness by now.

So many are without any kind of support from the community. Many have no family and are just stumbling from 1 day to the next and not caring anymore if they see another day so to think that people on ODSP are just living off the taxpayer as people on OW are is SO wrong.

People on ODSP were already in a so-called prison before this pandemic hit so how do you think they must feel now without any help from the Provincial or Federal governments. All the government has done is throw away the key to this prison that people on ODSP were already in. No help whatsoever. I believe last Summer 2020 there was a payment of $100 but that's only if you knew about it to contact a Social Worker to receive this.

Now with the cooler temperatures coming how are they to afford Winter clothing if they cannot survive on what this government throws at them as if they were some kind of disgrace? They are living so far down in the trenches that many will not survive this Winter.

Covid is the least of anyone's concern who is on ODSP through no fault of their own.

Maybe that's why Doug Ford put Marilee Fullerton as the Minister to take over their wellbeing. BTW she is the same Minister that was in charge of the LTC homes that lost so many of the elderly to Covid. Maybe she's been put in her now new role to do to people on ODSP as what happened needlessly to so many seniors.

Aren't you proud Ontario, watching people dying out of pure neglect, when it doesn't have to be this way.

As for the people on OW, it is wrong to mix the people on ODSP with you because it seems most people in Ontario do not know the difference between ODSP and OW.

For everyone that needs ODSP because they are unable to work I really hope something changes soon before anymore people die needlessly or end up in hospital because of the neglect from the government that seems will not be changing anytime in the near future.

People with a disability are the truly forgotten ones in Ontario, Canada.

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