Small Business Owner

Struggle of the small business owner during covid

From North York, ON
North York

Sat Sep 04 2021


I am a small business owner. A part time student and a full time night security guard. During the entire covid years I have worked non stop day and night, 16-20 hours a day 7 days a week to save my business and to fund it with my night job. My CEBA loan application was rejected initially due to my lease document being not acceptable, which is weird because I’m still paying my lease to this day. I had planned to resubmit the document after confirming with my landlord because the guys at ceba call centre would just tell you to read online. My landlord never responded either. Then on September 3rd the last day to reupload the documents on to the CEBA website tells me that my application is invalid so now it is too late is what I’ll be told tomorrow when I contact the ceba call Center. I received no government help what so ever for my small business for COVID-19, just a waste of time. On top of that a speeding ticket I got over a year ago at the beginning of the lockdown, which I had requested a trial for was wrongfully convicted 3 times and was reopened 3 times. Due to the wrong conviction my car insurance sky rocketed, the court has accepted its mistake but continues to make the same mistake. At some times I have considered moving out of the country for good, a country called Canada which was once a blessing is now just stress. The government is not honest at all. Covid has taken my health, friends, and family. At the end I hoped that I can acquire the loan and use it to fix everything but that dream was destroyed tonight.

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