Concerned Citizen


From Mississauga, ON

Thu Jun 17 2021


I am a working Mom of two young kids. I returned to work full-time from materity leave during the pandemic. Yes I am absolutely thankful to have a job still. But our son was a preemie and on a ventilator at birth and due to concern for him during COVID we kept the older sibling online learning as well. However with the added responsibility of a toddler and a first grader that needs help with online learning my job now seems in peril. After 12+ years with the company and many promotions for the first time I receive negative reviews and am genuinely afraid that I will be let go because yes my performance does not compare with my mostly single co-workers. To add to this my oldest child now hardly steps out of their room and has completely lost interest in anything. We live in a hot spots but finding vaccines was very very hard unless I was willing to subject my kids to waiting in line for hours at pop-ups since I do not have alternate babysitters.

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