A letter to my teachers

From Markham, ON

Wed May 26 2021


As an ECE student, I've watched my professors this whole year become smaller versions of themselves. Everyday I hear apologies for technical difficulties and I just want to tell them there's no need for sorrys, you're doing your best. Everyday they go online and teach classes to empty black screens, and I want to be able to sit in a classroom again. Everyday they teach us the importance of social-emotional health development while they're already struggling to keep themselves afloat, and I just want to give them a break and say take care of yourselves first. I hope education doesn't get defunded anymore than it already has been because of Ford. I hope that child care workers, teachers, and professors get the respect they deserve once everyone sees what a toll this pandemic has taken on our children. I have never seen a code pink before and I'm shocked at how little has been done for the younger generations mental health.

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