Healthcare Provider

We need an exit strategy NOW

From Downtown Toronto, ON
Downtown Toronto

Fri May 14 2021


I am a healthcare worker and of course I have been concerned about COVID cases all year. But health is more than the absence of COVID, and our communities are suffering in a multitude of ways as focus exclusively on minimizing COVID.

I was very hopeful for Ontario until 3 months ago. No one I know has hope anymore.

We have stopped listening to science and are banning outdoor activities altogether which is not where transmission happen. We have stopped listening to paediatricians who cry out about what is happening to children as we shut schools indefinitely even if they are not a primary source of transmission. We have stopped listening to surgeons who beg for us to find a way to resume surgeries so many more don’t die on the wait list.

I am worried every day that Ontario is locked into a fantasy of “COVIDZero” and accordingly, a reality in which nothing will matter other than counting COVID cases.

We need an exit strategy. When our hospital system is not so burdened, we need a way to open up and get out of this approach that may cause more harm in the long term.

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