The laughter is gone.....

From South and Northeast Niagara Region, ON
South and Northeast Niagara Region

Fri May 14 2021


Today, it was announced a further extension to the stay at home order. Children have been restricted from playing outside in settings such as basketball, soccer, golf, tennis, and skateparks. Ford claims what happens before and after those activities is risky. Children do not go out for "pops" like his friends. Children go out to these activities to stay healthy and active, to develop and have fun, to grow and learn. Shame on you Ford for again, grouping children into categories that they are not part of. Yet you don't vaccinate them at the same rate and in the same category as the adults that have a "pop".

Shame on you Ford for taking the laughter away.

Children are suffering. Children are retreating to their rooms, they are shutting down, they are getting depressed.

Children are suffering - do you hear me. Ask the paediatricians. Children need outdoor activities - NOW. They cannot wait any longer. This is already and will continue to be devastating.

2 more weeks past the initial stay at home order is too long!

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