This virus is a villain

From Milton, ON

Wed May 12 2021


Both my husband and I are teachers who work in different schools. I came home after work one night to find him feeling sick; headache, body aches – he wasn’t feeling great. As a precaution, he made an appointment to get tested for COVID-19. We made the decision to quarantine at home, as a family, while awaiting the results. To clear my conscience, I also made an appointment to get tested, even though I didn’t have any symptoms. The results came back 24 hours later and boom… we had both tested positive. We were in shock – totally panicked! Where did we catch it?! We have only gone to one grocery store since the start of the pandemic; we don’t go out. We try our best to keep our family and our students safe. We always wear our PPE at school and in public; we have been more than cautious. My two boys and I were completely asymptomatic. However, my husband got very ill. He was constantly out of breath, had a headache, and felt tired and achy. It was hard to see him like that. Of course this caused a ripple effect in our schools; our classes and our sons’ classes all had to get tested for COVID-19 and make the switch to remote learning. Thankfully, everyone tested negative. During this time, we were both teaching remotely, while trying to juggle our sons’ virtual learning schedule as well. Needless to say, this hasn’t been easy for parents! It was only after seven days of quarantine that I started experiencing mild COVID symptoms like loss of smell and taste. It took four days for me to smell spices and taste garlic again. Such a strange thing. We all need to understand that this virus is a villain. I saw how it affected my husband and I believe that God allowed me to have mild COVID symptoms so that I could take care of my him and the boys. We are all okay now, but this hasn’t been everyone’s story. Let’s stay vigilant! This isn’t over yet.

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