Small Business Owner

First Aid Failure

From Peterborough County and North Hastings County, ON
Peterborough County and North Hastings County

Wed May 12 2021


I recently had to update my first aid training as part of WSIB requirements for the workplace. The program is usually 2 days long but due to COVID related health regulations I was able to do the first day online and only had to attend the second day in person. During the CPR portion of the day the instructor told us that we had to remove our masks to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the dummies. I said I wasn’t comfortable removing my mask and would prefer to keep it on for the exercise. The instructor told me he would fail me if I didn’t remove my mask, that I could not complete the exercise with my mask on. There were 7 other participants in a small classroom with no obvious ventilation. After a debate the instructor eventually agreed that I could keep my mask on to complete the course, I even passed the final test with a perfect score. A week later I checked my online profile to download my certificate and the instructor failed me... there’s now an investigation by Red Cross to get to the bottom of it.

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