"Selfish" Young Adults

From London, ON

Wed May 12 2021


Common phrases I've been hearing the past few months range from "you're young - it could be worse" to "at least you don't have children". Media stories have spun raving parties thrown by a couple of young 20 year olds in a way that has deemed the entire demographic as “selfish”.

Are we selfish?

Last on the vaccination list are the young adults. One's who have been serving your coffee for the past year and a half because somehow malls are essential enough to stay open. While many are working, they are also attempting to finish up their university classes that are largely unsupervised and have become more of a "choose your own adventure" degree. Living with multiple roommates because the average price of rent is beyond the means of any 23 year old. Those roommates also go to their minimum wage jobs. How do you bubble with someone who serves hundreds of customers a day?

These young people are risking their lives to go to work for 14 dollars an hour. Dreams of being fully vaccinated is just that - a reality that we don't know if we will ever get. We're told by those older than us to be thankful that we are still young.

How can someone be thankful to lose our young adult years to a Pandemic? Absolutely, everyday, I am reminded how lucky I am NOT to have children. I love my ability to go home to a silent apartment. Those moments of solitude are those that parents would dream of having.

But then I see a married couple hug each other while the other one cries. Another one getting a well deserved job promotion with benefits. And I can't help but feel a ping of jealousy.

I know my time will come. But my life has barely begun and is being set back by covid. Some people my age live with their parents. Some struggle with a young baby at home. Some graduated last year and their job prospects have been diminished. Many of us are on different pages, but we are all grieving for the "what-ifs" and losing our last chance to be young. I've just turned 25, but I watch as my peers yearn for the stability that many others older than us have.

So we will continue to serve your coffee as you mumble about how selfish those young adults are. The mother struggling to get the 10 year old out of bed will envy the twenty-somethings who get to sleep in.

However, know that the majority of us aren't selfish. We all will just wait until it is our turn to be vaccinated. Until then, we're just trying to push by so the rest of our lives can someday, hopefully soon, begin.

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