Double Trouble

From Kings County, NS
Kings County

Tue May 11 2021


My Husband is 74 and I am 63. We are also Snowbirds that travel to Florida every winter. This year was no exception. We traveled on December 5th to our winter home and on December 22nd we were both hospitalized with Covid-19. We took all the precautions (masks, hand sanitizers, social distancing).

My Husband was on a ventilator for two weeks and in the hospital for a total of 4 weeks in Florida. From there he was air-lifted back home for another two weeks in isolation at the hospital. He continues to suffer each day with depression. fatigue, body pain, brain fog and loss of taste and smell. He has to wear a Catheter as he can no longer pee on his own. Trying to get an in-person visit with a Doctor is almost impossible.

I suffer many of the same symptoms as my Husband. Many of the people we know seem to be keeping their distance out of fear. Afraid they may catch Covid-19 from being near us.

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