Patient or Family Member

Being one of the first infected in Canada

From Edmonton, AB

Mon May 10 2021


I had a normal life up until February 1st 2020.

It was around 12:45 pm we received the Covid-19 emergency alert on our phones and apple watches. The sound of the alert rings on the groups phones. Its an info alert.

About 45 minutes earlier I felt a fever coming on but it was nothing I was concerned of. I took a tylenol and went on with the day. After the alert went out i was reading the symptoms of Covid-19. Fever, Sore throat, Fatigue, Cough. I had Every. Single. One.

I went on through the day feeling sick but i couldn't rest because I was in a tournament with my friends. I was feeling well enough to keep going so i did. Later that night i was feeling absolutely wiped. So i went to bed. I woke up the next morning with the worst cough i've ever had. I was coughing non stop for the first 10 minutes. I felt extremely tired and had a hard time staying awake even though i slept for the past 10 hours. I had a fever of 38.7 so i took a tylenol again and laid down. I was insisting not to go to the hospital because i have a fear of the hospital.

I finish my road trip back to edmonton from red deer and felt worse then the morning. Thankfully my fever went down to 37.8 so i was feeling a bit better fever wise. But i was still feeling terrible.

The next day was Monday February 3rd 2020. I had school that day but i felt so sick I couldn't get up from my bed. It continued like this for 4 more days. At the worst point 4 days in to me being sick on the 4th it was getting hard to breathe so i just layed in bed trying my best to breathe. It was a bit hard because i have asthma. I finally went to sleep and woke up the next day.

After the first week i was feeling a bit better and i could walk around the house but i still felt sick. I wasn't well enough to go to school again but i still felt better.

My parents wouldn't let me get a covid test because they didn't think i needed it. But back in March 2021 the Alberta health services offered me a Covid-19 Antibodies Test. So after about 7 seconds of thinking i said yes. I took the test after crying (cause i'm scared of needles). But what I didn't expect was for it to come back Positive. You know what that means. I had Covid-19 in February of 2020. That makes me the First known case of Covid-19 in Alberta.

If you wanna know what happened after i got infected. Well, This happened: I have had at least one week every month where i have extreme fatigue and headaches. For the past 16 Months! Even though that was a terrible experience I want others to learn from it. What i'm trying to say is. Don't be an Anti-lockdown protester. Those measures are in place to protect you for a reason. Wear your mask. Get vaccinated please. This situation could be you or a parent. We don't want that to happen to anyone.

- DJ

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