Concerned Citizen

Mental Health Mahem

From Central Toronto, ON
Central Toronto

Mon May 10 2021


I was in the process of trying to get help for my PTSD and Adult Autism prior to the pandemic as I am currently on disability. I am currently being tortured by my insurance company because I couldn't find help during a global pandemic. Apparently millions of dollars were invested in mental health during the pandemic and I have gotten no where. CAMH rejected me because I have no parents and yet our Premier thinks they are miracle workers. They are actually corrupt and useless, previously misdiagnosing me and take no responsibility. My doctor has done everything in her power to get me help. Unless you can pay for it you're out of luck. Our mental health system is a joke and the professionals I have spoken too seem to have every low IQ's. You have to be your own advocate, do not take no for an answer and one will care if you fall through the cracks like I did.

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