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I am a nurse, I am a statistic x two but I am alive

From Spruce Grove, AB
Spruce Grove

Sun May 09 2021


Hi I am nurse and statistic I had covid but wait I am another statistic am covid long hauler. Its been a journey and an on going one. I work on a busy medical floor, that was my exposure. It did not matter how careful I was with PPE. PPE fails, mine did. I had a mild symptom so I booked a test ;I had one 2 days before there was a covid outbreak on the floor ( get tested every 5 days) The test came back +. I spent the day on the phone with various needed calls. Let your family DR know. when i asked , if you get worse I was told. So I waited 5 days. Later alone in my bedroom I called. My breathing was deteriorating. My Dr was disappointed I did not call right away- was there was medication I could have had early. I did get antibiotics. I started feeling better. I am going to beat this I thought. I went back to work. Only to fail dizziness shortness of breath, heat palpations, headaches. chest pain, exhaustion. I went off work, had lots of tests. I could not walk to the end of the drive without being short of breath. I make several trips to the Dr. I am told I have long covid with no known end date. I have a cpap now because I have hypopnea. I take a breath and my lungs burn, my headaches, I cant exercise. It s been 4 months I am still off work. I could go on but you get the idea. It is very very disappointing to see people not wanting to get the vaccine, not wanting to wear a mask, not wanting to follow the "rules". There is also a stigma that one feels when you have been told you have covid. It is something you do not share easily. people make comments about those who contracted covid... This I did not ask for , I am a statsic but I am ALIVE!!!

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