My Heroes

From Bolton, ON

Fri May 07 2021


I am an Educator. I have severe and chronic respiratory health. When my employer would not support my doctor’s request for accommodation to work from home, I was forced to go on a medical leave. I wanted to work. Keeping in close communications with my colleagues throughout the pandemic, they reassured me that it was best that I was not in the school environment. It was impossible to physical distance in class because of the number of students and the poor air quality. There were no additional custodial staff for cleaning or nursing staff added. On the playground cohorts were impossible to supervise. When my employer ensured me that I would be safe in a school environment, my colleagues told me the realities of a school environment. Teachers are exposed to all the cohorts that their students and their families come into contact with each and every day, unvaccinated! They stay away from their own extended family to try to keep their students and their own household family members safe. Educators worry about this each and every day they enter a classroom. Personally, I have not been out in public places, except to the doctor’s office. In my family of four, my husband and daughter are essential workers. Outside of going to work, my family has been extremely diligent to follow public health recommendations, in an effort not to bring the virus home. My family and my Colleagues in Education are my heroes! I am grateful for their sacrifices each and every day! I am hopeful now that the vaccine supply seems to be steady. Once Canadians can get both doses I am hopeful that we can go back to work and get together with our loved ones safely!

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