Healthcare Provider

Everyone in my clinic can work except for me despite getting vaccinated

From Hamilton, ON

Fri May 07 2021


I am a former registered massage therapist who decided in her journey to be more effective in helping people to go back to a four year program and become a manual osteopathic practitioner. This was the hardest yet most rewarding journey of my life. I work in an interdisciplinary clinic with a chiropractor and several RMTs we are a group of professionals focused on providing top care to our patients. In comes Covid we all have to let down our patients in 2020 unpresitented times and I understand, things start opening up and I'm able to go back to work and help my patients again. Come the new lock downs in Ontario, clinics are unaffected because of the stringent health measures and the need for the services they provide. The exception being Osteopathic Manual Practitioners who are considered part of personal health and beauty and have to side line our patients while our co-workers are allowed to practice, and rightly so. Had I retained my RMT title I would be permitted to work but because I decided to pursue more knowledge and a greater ability to help my patients I have been sidelined by the Ford government. My association has been in talks with the Ford government from the beginning to no avail we got the go ahead to work in lock downs and gray zones but not in an emergency brake. I work in a clinic where all of us stepped up and received our first vaccination as soon as we were eligible, my coligues continue to work yet the Ford government has side lined me despite having the same stringent standards as the chiropractor and registered massage therapists I work with. This whole situation has left me feeling completely helpless I wish to work and get back to my patients in these challenging times.

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