From Barrie, ON

Fri May 07 2021


As a kindergarten teacher I have always known if Covid entered our classroom it would spread. Schools were not made safe from the beginning. I began showing symptoms on March 26, was tested on March 27 and confirmed positive on March 28. My initial reaction was one of terror. My worst case scenario had happened. My partner was also infected and began experiencing symptoms two days later. We are in our mid 50’s and healthy and feel very lucky that our symptoms were flu like and didn’t require hospitalization. We followed all the guidelines and other than school exposure we were safe. I spent hours on the phone with public health, my union and my board trying to get our school closed, we had 8 active cases! It was closed prior to the provincial closure thankfully and more cases in our class were found. By not lowering class sizes and mandating mask use from kindergarten up we were all put at great risk. It’s May 7 and I finally have a vaccine appointment on May 13. Why education staff weren’t vaccinated in the beginning with schools open was reckless and short sighted. The massive damage of this pandemic could have been far less had the government made schools safe from September. I am beyond disappointed!

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