Healthcare Provider

Just a Nurse

From Oshawa, ON

Thu May 06 2021


Yesterday I cried after work. A hard ugly snotty wail of a cry. I cried in my bed at night. I cried when I woke up. I cried for all my colleagues who are so scared. I cried for all my colleagues who are so angry. I cried for myself, who's fear and anxiety is changing who I am. I cried because I've misplaced my mojo. I've lost my fierce self. I cried because I feel like shit. I cried for all my suffering patients and their tortured families. I cried because we are still in it.. its not over. I cried and cried because I don't know whats going to happen to all us. I cried because Nurses continue to be marginalized and sacrificed. I cried because I realized its not POST traumatic stress.. its right here.. right now trauma.

Please support your Ontario Nurses...

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