Healthcare Provider

Sick and tired of being sick and tired

From London, ON

Wed May 05 2021


March 2020 my hospital decided that my job wasn’t as important as others. We were short on PPE and they decided that the nurses were the only staff that needed the PPE, I work in the lab and 90% of my job is drawing blood and performing ECG’s. I was someone who never got sick, so when I started to get a sore throat I was worried. Sore throat progressed to cough to feeling like someone was sitting on my chest and my body going through waves of numbness, pins and needles, muscle spasms, coughing fits that lead to vomiting and much more. I know I should have gone to the hospital, but I didn’t want to risk exposing anyone like I had been. Fast forward to now (may 2021) and I’m still not back to work, I have trouble dressing myself (can’t figure out how to put clothes on properly and it is exhausting) I can’t shower properly because it is way to difficult, my spouse washes my hair for me often I get headaches, can’t even wear a bra without losing my breath, had to cut 14 inches off of my hair because I couldn’t take care of it and I’m in constant pain. WSIB has approved my claim, their doctors agree that I am unable to work right now (I’m 33 and I need stroke rehab) but I haven’t been paid anything in almost 5 months (no WSIB or CERB) and I just want to feel better. I’m sick of being sick!

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