Separated from my partner for 9 months

From Ottawa, ON

Wed May 05 2021


When the borders closed, my partner was waiting for a visa to come to Canada. They initially announced a closure for 30 days, which I thought made sense. I thought they would come up with a plan for quarantine and testing and reopen the borders. But they never did.

As the months went by and they kept extending the closure I became more and more despondent. I have never felt so helpless. Everyone else was allowed to be with their partner except for those of us whose partners held the “wrong” immigration status.

After 8 months, the government announced they would restart the visa my partner needed, and eventually we were reunited. My fortunes turned around completely. I went from being barely able to get out of bed, barely able to work, to back to normal. I know how blessed I am.

I am writing this because I know so many couples still aren’t reunited. It’s not okay. It’s not okay that the government can decide who can see their partner/spouse based on where that person was born or what their immigration status is. The travel restrictions/bans are still mostly based on people’s immigration status rather than the nature of their travel, and it’s not okay.

We see the premier and so many other officials blaming foreigners for covid. We are one world, and covid affects everyone. A Canadian citizen can bring covid to Canada just as well as an immigrant. We need to stop the xenophobia.

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