Concerned Citizen

Pandemic first time mom

From West Toronto, ON
West Toronto

Tue May 04 2021


The first pandemic lock down started on the first day of my maternity leave. My husband and I sat there terrified as news rolled in of cases and of women in the US being forced to give birth alone. Luckily, my husband was able to be with me the day I gave birth but my son has spent his first year in isolation. A year later, family and friends have still not met him face to face. They've missed a year of his life, and I cry about the fact that no one knows him but my husband and I.

Over the last two weeks as numbers spiked across Ontario and Toronto, our doctor recommended that I move out with our son. Why? Because my essential worker husband could not get the vaccine and it was clear that the Ford government was not going to do anything to curb the spread of COVID. I packed up and moved in with my parents. My husband missed two weeks of my son's life; two weeks where he started to stand on his own and started talking more. We'll never have that back and I blame Ford's ineptitude.

Why were essential workers not prioritized in the vaccine roll out? Why weren't there any pivots in roll out plans as it became clear that variants were effecting those at work and living in close quarters? Why is my husband still ineligible for a vaccine despite having to go to work every day of this pandemic AND working in a hot spot!? Why does it seem like they learned NOTHING in 12 months. It's infuriating, I shake with fear and rage daily. Frankly Ford must resign, Elliot must resign, Williams must resign, Lecce must resign, and Fullerton must resign.

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