Concerned Citizen

Pregnant and Tured

From Whitby, ON

Tue May 04 2021


My husband and I are having our first baby in a few weeks. It has been so disappointing to have to go to every appointment alone, to have half of my appointments be “virtual” and feel like I’m not getting the same care. At the same time I’ve sat back waiting for pregnant women to be eligible to receive the vaccine, we finally were moved to highest priority and they allowed my husband to get vaccinated as well.. that was one small win. My hospital isn’t allowing nitrous oxide for pain relief because of covid and they also require me to wear a mask while pushing... being in the final weeks of pregnancy I have a hard time breathing with a mask while not pregnant, it feels cruel to make me wear a mask while in labour at a time where breathing techniques are so important... especially when every single individual in the room has been vaccinated and I’m not even able to have the pain management that I wish. It’s so tiring to continually be treated as though my pregnancy isn’t as important and feel like I’m being swept under the rug because of covid.

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