My Two Year Old had Covid

From Scarborough, ON

Mon May 03 2021


In total, my daughter and I each had four covid tests since the pandemic started. I tried to be so careful as I work in a highschool and my daughter attends a community daycare. We're diligent with masks, handwashing and we stopped seeing anyone outside of school or daycare. When my daughter had a runny nose, I took her for another test and seeing the "positive" was devastating. My daughter is fairly healthy but was born with some heart issues, and I'm please to say she did recover with mild symptoms. As parents, we want to protect our kids from the social and health issues of the world and I can't help but feel guilt about this situation.

I'm glad educators and daycare staff are now allowed to book their shots. I was able to get my first shot last week and I feel like we're working towards safer community spaces and schools. I also know the guilt of having my young daughter test positive is going to haunt me for a long time (we still don't know how this will impact her in the future). The school and daycare situation is Ontario has been unpredictable and I empathize with every child, youth, staff or parent who had to feel unsafe at any point.

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