Concerned Citizen

Working around the clock. Full time parent and full time employee.

From London, ON

Mon May 03 2021


We have 2 kids under the age of 5. My husband works in construction. I am an office worker and work from home. We transitioned our daughter to JK 3x this year. Our son has been in and out of daycare 2x before we finally called quits on trying. Daycare and school are too unreliable. I've considered quitting my job about 100x. I am on a track to advance my career but am struggling to maintain optimism amidst the demands at home. Between the kids and work, and not having a social system of support, I'm burnt out beyond description. My husband's work has had 1 covid outbreak and we are just waiting for there to be another. He is on the wait list at 3 pharmacies to get his vaccine. Although construction is essential, he is not being prioritized to get his vaccine. Our kids are struggling, we are struggling and I cannot watch any more of Fords threatening, dooms day announcements. I am just staying in my little world and waiting for our chance to get vaccinated... whenever that may be.

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