Healthcare Provider

Hopeless RN

From Downtown Toronto, ON
Downtown Toronto

Mon May 03 2021


I am a Registered Nurse working in Toronto, Ontario and I am appalled at our provincial governments complete reckless abandonment with the lives of essential workers. I have been redeployed each time a new wave hits and am now floating to the ICU although I do not have the proper training. When I stepped into the ICU on my first day, I choked back tears. Patients are extremely sick, often never getting better. They’re our essential workers who have no choice but to clock in everyday. They’re multigenerational families living together under one roof. They’re pregnant women. They are getting younger and younger and we do not have any room left. Our health care system has never been in such a dire situation. Nurses are leaving the profession and I really can’t blame them for deciding to look after their own mental health. It’s traumatizing to see such awful things everyday and I appreciate you critical care nurses so much for the ever-expanding hard work you do everyday ❤️. We need more than 3 paid sick days, we need VACCINES, and we need to protect those that are most vulnerable.

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