Concerned Citizen

I am part of the 1/7 Canadians that lives alone.

From Centre-Sud, QC

Sun May 02 2021


I am in my late thirties. All my friends are like me: professionals, no partner, no kid, living by themselves. I got Covid. Several of us got it (not via each other). The disease did not impact our life much. The public measures did though. Without being able to meet your social network, you have no one to rely one. And after 14 months like that, the network just deteriorates. We tried to visit each other once a week, obviously just 1:1. All what I had of positive elements in my life is gone and will take a long time to regenerate. All my friends and myself have dark thoughts. We all feel lonely, lives in tiny urban apartments, we try to follow the measures and me responsible. But again: the measures hurt us, not the diseases. We don't look forward to anything. Even the end of this pandemic doesn't look exciting. That's not human.

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