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Left Wondering Who Is Guiding our Political Leaders or Are They Listening to Themselves

From Cambridge, ON

Sun May 02 2021


My story is not political; it is simply out of necessity as a humble Ontarian and Canadian. COVID has ripped lives apart, some forevermore. But what I have witnessed, our public policies have made it worse. We are short on vaccines and the only country delaying up to 4 months, because of a supply issue. Our neighbours to the south have a demand issue. Why can't we break our borders and be humanitarian and just share. I am embarrassed but humbled to have traveled to the south to obtain my 2nd vaccination. It was relatively easy and open to get. Let us set up a controlled process to either travel just across the border to get everyone fully vaccinated. Our government has paid billions for future supplies. Why not just ask our southern neighbour's for supply help and/or pay for their surplus? No amount is too much to mend and heal our Canadian families together. I am a rule follower, by being tested before, during and after. Self isolating at a hotel for 14 days keeping my Mom who I live with safe. Please, to our political leaders, stop posturing, stop blaming, and put together a practical solution to help begin the healing processes for all Canadians. We are better than this.

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