Patient or Family Member

Disgraceful. What a debacle.

From Burlington, ON

Sun May 02 2021


They say to get the vaccine as soon as it’s available to you. So when my mom, a kidney transplant recipient on the highest priority tier, became eligible, I booked her an appointment for April 8. She went and got the vaccine and an appointment to return on July 29. Then I hear from the transplant clinic that the timing of her second dose needs to be according to the product monograph and that I need to move her appointment up. So, I call her Regional Public Health Unit. They can’t change the appointment and refer me to the Province. I call the Province. They can’t change the date. I have to call the hospital where she got the shot. I call the hospital and they take no responsibility for appointment bookings. They advise me to keep calling the Province until I get someone who knows how to change the date. I call the province again several times. They try to make the change, but their systems only allow them to change the time of day - not the actual date. What a debacle!

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