Healthcare Provider

Separated and Pregnant

From Perth County, ON
Perth County

Sun May 02 2021


January 2020 my boyfriend (American) and I (Canadian) found out we were expecting our first child. Only to be two months later forced apart. Just before the border closure his mom sadly passed away. Shortly after the memorial we let his family know our news. We thought it would just be a 30day closure and we would be together again. 14 months later our child is turning 8 months, I went through my entire pregnancy alone and we are still separated. Data suggests our current lockdown is community driven. I support vaccine passports as I’m ready to safely reunite with my boyfriend and allow him to be with his son. My hope is that my story opens the eyes of the public to put the blame where it belongs and not to shame us who are in binational relationships who fight for a safe reunification of those separated.

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