I would swim across the Niagara River to see my granddaughter

From Fergus, ON

Sun May 02 2021


My daughter - my only child, who married an American four years ago- moved from Washington DC to Buffalo shortly after COVID hit (they had bought a house in Buffalo pre COVID). She and her husband left good jobs in DC to be closer to family, to me (grandma), her dad, to her grandparents, cousins, aunts and good friends after my granddaughter was born. They are a two hour drive away and I can't get to them. I can't see my granddaughter, I can't hold her tiny hand, I can't watch her falling asleep at night, I can't tickle her (although she said the other day on Face time - Grandma tickle!) or chase her or sit her on my knee and read her bedtime stories. She's learned to talk, she's learned to say please and thank you and feed herself, she will soon be potty trained. She has become a toddler without grandma or any family members but her parents. I will never get this time back. She reaches for me through the computer screen and tries to feed me a piece of her toast in the morning, I sing her songs and make silly faces and put things on my head and try in desperation to know her and help her to know me, but I am nothing more than a face on a screen called 'Grandma'. I turn off Face time and silently cry most days, knowing she is two hours away and I cannot get to her or my daughter - now pregnant with her second child. I know that I'm lucky to have a roof over my head and food on the table, and I despise self pity - so I try not to wallow, but the truth is that being unable to get to / be with my child and granddaughter has left a hollow, empty feeling in my chest. My heart is broken and there is no end in sight to this wretched closure of the border. I would swim across the Niagara River if I thought I could make it. (My daughter and her husband are fully vaccinated - I have had my first shot of Astrazeneca) Please please please won't someone allow families to be together again?!

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