Essential Worker

Disgruntled Ontario Worker

From London, ON

Sun May 02 2021


I've been working throughout the pandemic as an "essential" worker in a business that absolutely is not essential, but has been allowed to remain open regardless. Over the course of the pandemic, I've continued working, riding the bus both ways to work with all of the exposure that entails for $14 an hour, because I simply can't afford to stay home. Over the past year, I've listened to the government of Ontario make excuse after excuse after excuse, refuse to make difficult decisions, delay action until far too late, flatly ignore scientific advice that doesn't tell them what they want to hear, and constantly try to shift blame for everything to the federal government. It look literally a year of experts and the public howling at the government for them to give us paid sick days, and when they did, we got three days for the "best program in Canada" we were promised- it's almost more insulting than if they'd continued to do nothing.

Overall, I have never been more disillusioned and depressed with the state of my home province. It is abundantly clear that the government of Ontario simply doesn't care if I get sick or die, as long as my employer isn't unduly inconvenienced.

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