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Surgery cancelled.

From Wellington County & Rural Waterloo Region, ON
Wellington County & Rural Waterloo Region

Sat May 01 2021


I live with polyarthritis ( both osteo and rheumatoid) and have been in pain for a long time, but at Christmas, my surgeon couldn’t believe that I was still walking on my badly deteriorated hip. He referred me to the hospital as an urgent case for hip replacement. I was told to be exceptionally careful that I didn’t break it in the meantime. The hospitals closed to all non emergency surgeries that same day. When it reopened, I finally was scheduled for April 16. 7 days before my surgery date, the hospitals were closed once again. So here I sit in constant pain that takes my breath away at times. I can hardly get around the house let alone go for a walk outside. Every person that is a covid denier, every person that doesn’t obey our restrictions, actually is causing me, and others in my position, great pain. I’m told that there are about 250,000 people waiting for surgery here in Ontario. We can’t be told to wait any longer. We aren’t dolls that can be put on a shelf until they finally get around to us! A lot of money needs to be directed to the hospitals to prepare for a surge in surgery post pandemic lockdown!

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