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Covid is here and it is here to stay!

From Peel/Dufferin Boundary West, ON
Peel/Dufferin Boundary West

Sat May 01 2021


If you by now are as frustrated with the stupidity of our Ontario Government, you are not alone!. Seriously why is it a great idea to start vaccinating those that have a life expentancy of less than 3 years, but leave those families that are depending on a minimum wage job, living in a multi family home and/or in a 500plus high rise in constant contact with everybody, everywhere, to fend for themselves. How is it possible that all those so-called "top-doctors" can't come up with the right solution from the beginning!. Its ok if you are a heavily demented 70 yr old, to die, I am pretty sure if you would have asked any of them 10 years ago if you would love to end up this way....not many would have looked forward to end their life in diapers, life does have an expiry date and that is ok, we can't and we shouldnt try to safe everybody....I mean its ok if they die because they are big deal, right?....thank goodness they are vaccinated! And another thing, where I live, besides the fact that there are face masks only in stores, you wouldnt know that we are in "pandemic" mode, so why does my foodland have a sign that says only 45 people at the time inside.....I don't think they ever have any more than that a busy day, Why is the coffee culture closed....our morbidly obese premier must think that the whole of brampton/peel etc will come and visit to make us all sick, our town maybe had 2....just because we are in the same health unit as guelph, does mean nothing to us....why do green zones go into lockdown....OMG....Close a golfcourse...really...I am so frustrated....My girl went to college and 5 weeks in she ended up in a strike... she persevered only to graduate and never ever had a convocation!!! So she started the next study....yeah you guessed it.. at home because she got to depressed sitting in her basement appartment by herself....You see if the big manufacturing plants would all have gotten stabbed by a mobile vaccination unit as soon as they left their shift in January, where do you think we would be now....My husband works in a manufacturing plant, he was always essential....Me a health care provider was at home for 10 weeks, no joke! You see we are the lucky ones, we have no financial issues, our health is good, we are now both busier than ever, but my town's little business are not so lucky....a thrift store closed...I would think that would be essential....So many stupid decision by a few who get paid too much....and once more Covid is a flu virus, it's mutating and it's not going anywhere, so protect yourself or not, I don't care....

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