Healthcare Provider

This Is an Endemic

From Brampton, ON

Sat May 01 2021


Individuals need to realize that although vaccines may be effective, this virus will remain within society. People need to come to terms and realize this! Do what u think is right to keep your mental health and well-being! Exercise, read, converse on the telephone, listen to music.. do whatever it is to keep yourself sane! I have seen too many people struggling with their mental health simply because they are hoping for an eradication of this virus. Come to terms with the fact that it will be around for a while, and do things to keep yourself healthy both physically and mentally as this virus will cause many other illnesses and disorders especially those involving ones mental health. People need to take care of themselves and stop focusing on when this will be gone as it will probably never be! It’s good to be hopeful but at the same time, individuals need to focus on themselves and keeping their mental state well!

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