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Cancelled surgery because of government failures

From Mississauga, ON

Sat May 01 2021


The cancellation of so called elective surgeries because of Ontario’s out of control third wave have far reaching implications that seem to be lost in the news cycles on Covid.

I’ve was diagnosed with prostate cancer with surgery being the course of treatment best suited to address this diagnosis. Being diagnosed with cancer is difficult enough to wrap one’s head around but even worse is to have one’s surgery suddenly cancelled because on the situation in our health care system confronting the third wave and the ICU disaster.

Understand that cancer doesn’t take a pause, nor does it reschedule itself for a more convent time. It continues to do what it does. Knowing this, cancer patients are suffering with all kinds of anxiety knowing that deals in treatment aren’t good. Of course this holds true for all kinds of other serious conditions out there that have impacted by this decision.

Politicians and government bureaucrats make decisions that are solely based on politically what’s best for them. In this case, fingers can be pointed at all levels of government; lots of mistakes made. But, failures to mitigate against the current Covid crisis are creating a crisis down the road for people like myself. Unfortunately the impact may not be as dramatic from a quantitative perspective as the Covid numbers are in the short term but they still translate to pain, suffering and shortened lives. People just don’t realize how close to home these issues are to them but if not today, tomorrow they may unfortunately be touched by the implications of delayed health care.

There has to be a better way to manage the health care needs of all citizens not just the Covid affected folks, especially when a good portion of those infected by Covid are there because of risks they took.

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