Concerned Citizen

No hope on ODSP

From Hamilton, ON

Fri Apr 30 2021


I'm disabled and living in deep poverty

the apartment I'm renting is not safe, clean, or affordable

90% of my monthly income goes toward rent and bills

There are roaches, bedbugs, and black mold

Before the pandemic it was very very bad, but now... it's unlivable

the area is dangerous and full of addicts and (understandably) desperate people

I never feel safe

my mental health is in a horrendous state

every day is purely surviving

I am alone, and I am forgotten

food prices have risen dramatically

food banks aren't enough

I've starved

last year I was in hospital for malnutrition

I want to believe I'll get through this, but there's no evidence to support that idea

People like me on ODSP(and low-income workers, OW recipients, Seniors) have been left for dead

There's no dignity for us. NONE.

This is murder

"the true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members"


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