Concerned Citizen

The hope that never came

From Newmarket, ON
Warning: Sensitive Content

Fri Apr 30 2021


My great grandmother, who passed away in August, had been in a nursing home for quite a while before the pandemic. After it broke out, her mental health began to decline.

Anyways, she was always pretty straightforward and didn't like to beat around the bush. When she could remember where her phone was, she would call and tell us everything. It was like listening to a horror story. The things she was saying coming out of the nursing homes were astounding.

From the beginning of May to her death on August 6, she had not been bathed. The doctor who was responsible for checking on the patients didn't even want to get close to them. It was as though they just wanted a checkmark to put next to their names rather than actually checking. Her medications were screwed up several times with dire consequences. The overcrowding in that home still makes me shudder. People crying out for water or their children are lined in the hallways and everyone's door is kept open. You could hear the hopeless cries of the elderly through the phone. The nurses were the opposite of transparent and would hold back information unless it got really bad. Nobody is allowed outside and sometimes, even out of their rooms. Even just to stand 100 feet away from their loved ones and see their faces wasn't allowed. Anxiety, depression, loneliness, grief, mania . . . all this runs rampant in LTC homes, especially during the pandemic.

The way the government treats LTC homes is shameful and pathetic. It's time people learn what human atrocities go down there. Whether they're nine or eighty-nine, they are still human and their lives shouldn't be sacrificed. The elderly are being treated as disposable lives while their families sit, biting their nails and holding their tongues, waiting for some sliver of hope that won't come.

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