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I'm high risk, in a hotspot, and couldn't get a vaccine until I joined the Vaccine Hunters Discord.

From Downtown Toronto, ON
Downtown Toronto

Fri Apr 30 2021


I have immunosuppression from a health issue. For context if I even caught someone's cold (pre-covid) and they were fine, I would be out for at least a week with a flu. I got sick a lot. So I knew when this started I had to be extra careful.

About a month ago, a friend reached out and told me I can register with UHN to get my vaccine. They had just registered, gotten an email and within a few days got their first shot. Then I heard a few other friends go through that process as well - some even booked after me. I was hopeful! Until I did not get an email. Then when my postal code made the hotspot list I tried again. Nothing. Still nothing after a month. Friends and family were messaging me daily about using different sites to book vaccines and each time it was a dead end. No appointments.

I joined the Vaccine Hunters Discord and honestly found it to be WAY more helpful than the provincial government. I joined the group for my area and quickly realized NONE OF US knew what was going on because the government had shortlisted the hotspots and ours was not on the "hot-hot spot list".

I was about to give up looking entirely. Almost even giving up getting a vaccine. I was so put off by the way the government was flip-flopping information. The way the websites all had different requirements depending on where you go. I was annoyed waiting in virtual cues just to find out it everything got booked in a matter of ten minutes.

This wasn't "very, very simple" as one guy up top made it sound like.

So, I took matters into my own hands walked to MTCC and asked them what I had to do. I was advised to talk to my doctor/ call a list of numbers. Well, as luck would have it Rogers was down that day and one of the numbers wouldn't go through. Another hung up on me.

When finally I got through to my doctor, I got a note. I asked the discord where I had to go, someone promptly directed me to a phone number (I think it was provincial line, which was the one who hung up on me the first time). Called it. Lady was really nice and helpful. ANNNND Booked!

Now, I'm just praying that this huge shipment is actually coming in and hope I don't get a cancellation.

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