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Government has failed our vulnerable seniors both in nursing homes and also in their homes under the Provincial care service called LHIN.

From North York, ON
North York

Fri Apr 30 2021


I have hesitated to write to this forum but feel I need to for my sisters who both had Covid where one has passed. My sister Marjorie was taken from her home in Gravenhurst to a so called safe place in Barrie called Roberta's Place in Barrie. She entered the home with no Covid but did have a couple of health issues. She had nothing that would of taken her life in the short period she lived there and this was all the errors that the home had in place and the lack of oversite by our Provincial Government. This was so sad for her five children who could not attend to see her last days on this earth. I am now having issues with my older sister who is 94 and lives on her own under the LHIN program of the Provincial Government. We thought it best she stay in her home away from any nursing homes that have so many issues. Well with two different care givers looking out for her and a nurse she ended up with Covid. I had lobbied over the last seven weeks to get her a vaccine. The agency wasn't getting the job done and then I wrote both Ford and Tory just to get more excuses. We had tried to get her to the Clinic as Downsview but she was too sick on the day so had to cancel. You can see where this is going as she is in Humber River fighting the Covid now. Everything I fought for to help her as I am the younger brother and try to keep her safe but feel I have failed her. I guess the whole thing here is the Province has failed her by not taking care of those who have lived in this Province all their life. Like I said this all falls on the Ford Government and Mayor Tory for the distribution of the drugs to the most vulnerable. It is so sad I cannot even go to the hospital to see she is getting the care she needs as it is just calls from her care Doctor for updates. I am sure that so many have sad stories that affect so many especially young families. Please be safe and wear a mask!

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