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The loss of my spouse

From Scarborough, ON
Warning: Sensitive Content

Fri Apr 30 2021

Sandra Carlton

My spouse of 50 was sent to hospital with pneumonia In November 2020 he said in hospital on oxygen for 2 weeks... however he was sent home still with pneumonia and was told we could not get a potable oxygen tank as and I quote they are reserved for COVID patients!!! How heart breaking to be told you can’t get help because you don’t have COVID!!! He was sent home still very sick as he also had bone marrow cancer.. he was rushed back to hospital he could hardly breathe, they had him oxygen in ICU.The saddest part is we as in myself {spouse and 2 daughters} were not allowed even for 5 minutes to see him. We were told he was dying... 2 weeks of begging to see him finally on December 22nd we were allowed only 2 of us half hour each to visit, I let our daughters go that day they were so excited but apparently they stayed over their time... the next day the 23 rd all day we tried to get permission for myself to visit,finally at 330 pm I was told We could visit,my daughter came with me and was told only I was allowed to visit turning here away because they over stayed their time by minutes.. I was allowed to stay for a hour and was told to leave,my heart was aching so much to stay my husband begging me not to leave him but nurse would not allow me to stay as they were to busy with COVID patients, I left there in tears only to receive a call at 530 Am on December 24 th 2020 that my beloved husband passed away. I was denied spending time with my dying husband he died alone. I can never forgive or forget how we were treated as a family or how my spouse was treated because he wasn’t a COVID patient shame on our medical system shame on our government shame on the nurses that treated us with no respect at all

I hope no other family has to suffer the way we did

Sandra Carlton

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