Concerned Citizen

Frustrated Toddler Mom

From Central Toronto, ON
Central Toronto

Fri Apr 30 2021


I'm a mom of two boys under 4. While our family has been incredibly fortunate in terms of our health and job security, I fear for our sons' development and overall wellbeing. These past 14 months have been incredibly stressful and trying. We have followed the rules from day 1, not only to keep our family safe but the community at large. We have lost fourteen months of time spent with our loved ones, cousins, grandparents and friends. My "baby" hasn't really been able to participate in any programs to support his development and hasn't really had the opportunity to spend that crucial time with his grandparents. My older one (not even 4) knows what he has been missing and has verbalized his sadness. Due to this third wave we pulled him from his nursery. Vaccines, virus, germs, distancing and "nose-picks" are part of my children's everyday lexicon. Both boys are traumatized from taking covid-tests and now fear any medical professional in PPE. While we are doing our best and obviously are incredibly privileged to be able to stay home, this lockdown has become unbearable. No matter how long we seem to do what's right, things don't seem to be getting better.

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