Concerned Citizen

After nearly 50 years in Canada, seriously considering moving back to U.S.

From Windsor, ON

Thu Apr 29 2021


I moved to Ontario from the U.S. nearly 50 years ago. Over the years I always considered myself fortunate in regards to the healthcare that we received and how our government officials have handled things here in Ontario. I have over the years, in particular these last four years had friends and family from the U.S. tell me that they wished they lived in Canada. The tables have

definitely turned in this past year. Both federal and provincial governments had

seemed to at first have some idea on

how to handle Covid-19, and the roll out of vaccines. I have said time and

time again, that watching especially this

Ontario government trying to get a handle on Covid-19 and vaccine

rollout, is like watching a hamster on

wheel or watching a dog chase it’s tail. Why haven’t they been able to get this

right yet? Or even remotely close to

getting it right! My U.S. family and friends no longer tell me that they wished they lived in Canada. I now tell them that I wished I was back in the U.S. where I would at least have already had my vaccine. At this point, trying to move back to the U.S. would be much

less stressful and I would be experiencing less anxiety.

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