Essential Worker

#thisisyourshot? If so, why can I not get it anywhere

From Brampton, ON

Thu Apr 29 2021


I saw people post this hashtag on instagram and looked it up.

It broke my heart to see so many people sharing it without thinking. This is a campaign to make rich white people feel good about themselves. The tshirts are almost 40 dollars each after shipping and tax. How is selling a million shirts going to help me get a vaccine? It won't.

It'll just make people budding in front of me feel like they are doing it to be like Ryan Reynolds.

Shame on all the ethnic groups who joined in to validate this. Rather than do the hard work and fix the system, y'all opted for the easy way out. Post a happy picture with a smile showing off your vaccine while your people die waiting in line. But hey, you tried right?

I am an essential worker in brampton. I don't understand why parading every low risk person of privilege in front of me is supposed to help me in this situation. And at least I actually saw the hashtag. Most people I know won't so you won't get outrage.

When people of privilege do things that only people of privilege will see and say it's in the name of helping poor brown people (and its endorsed by CEOs and doctors), I know this system is not and never will be designed for me.

F*** you #thisisyourshot. You will all be vacationing on a beach before I get both my shots. Maybe I'll die first and then you can throw a tshirt campaign in my honor.

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