Loneliness is killing me!

From London, ON

Thu Apr 29 2021


I live alone. I'm a very sociable retired woman in my late 50's.

I miss being with my friends so much it hurts!

I gave up trying to book a shot thru the pharmacies.

I kept being told over and over after filling everything out that I was "ineligible" Right!

A few of my friends managed to get theirs. They are the lucky ones. They have hope now.

All my friends and relatives in other provinces have had their first shots!

It has actually been a big relief for me; no longer chasing that illusive booking opportunity.

Eating dinner alone at night is the worst. And the endless evening that follows. Books and Netflix repeat.

There is no end in sight. Not for people like me.

I'm too damned depressed to even pursue my hobbies anymore.

I miss dancing to live music, sharing meals, going to the beach with my buddies.

Making PLANS!!!

Friends and family call and text.

They are so kind and wonderful!

But they aren't living alone.

I go out of my way to crinkle my eyes as I smile at everyone I pass during my endless walks around London.

I always thank the clerks and crinkle my eyes at them too. I don't envy them; not one little bit!

But this aloneness is pure HELL!!!

I'm too anguished to feel "grateful".

It's been too long

I am so done mentally!

If it wasn't for my dog and cat; this would be checkout time.

Dear reader; this is the blessed ending of my self-pitying RANT.

Sorry lol!!!

If you're out there living all alone too, I'm so sorry for what you must be going through too.

I get it!

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