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From Niagara Falls, ON
Niagara Falls

Thu Apr 29 2021


So, I’ve been debating over whether to talk about this cuz we like to keep our personal business personal ... private. But with how everything is going in Ontario I felt it was important to share...

Our home has become a place of isolation. Joe came in contact with a positive, symptom active case of Covid. His place of work had just started up their season but after only 4 days were forced to shut down as a precaution. Everyone has been tested on the crew & “lucky Joe” was the only one to come back positive!! He’s feeling like his normal self, no symptoms so far but he, Jordie & I are having to isolate here at home for 14 days. Sounds simple enough, right?! Well, until you’re trying to do it in a small home you don’t realize how much it sucks to only have one bathroom & no actual spare bedroom! Our saving grace has been the weather, Joe spends as much time in the backyard as he can, weather permitting we hang out out there working on the new garden etc. Hand towels have been replaced by rolls of paper towels, Lysol wipes have been used on every door knob, handle & faucet, and my hands are unhappily washing dishes in hotter soapy water than they’re used to! 😳😳😂 you seriously don’t realize how much everyone touches stuff til you’re hyper aware of it! As a precaution Joe has taken to sleeping on the sofa so he doesn’t breathe on me during the night, and not getting the best rest either. I grateful he’s being so careful but also feel bad that he’s not rested in the mornings. If you were to look in thru the windows you’d see two people distancing as much as possible watching TV in the living room wearing their masks! Pain. in. the. ass!! 🤦🏼‍♀️🤬

For over a year we did everything right, but all it takes is one person to make a foolish choice to go to work unmasked with a ”cold” & a whole bunch of lives are turned upside down. This is why I chose to share this. You never know who’s out there walking around where you’re shopping etc. Joe faithfully wears his mask, but drove himself crazy trying to think back on when he may not have had it up while working & the guy was around! Clearly, it doesn’t take much for someone to get infected!! We will all do our part, staying home until we are cleared by Public Health, determined to be part of the solution, not the problem! Jordie & I (& his girlfriend) will need to get tested around days 7-10. If he stays symptom free Joe gets out of Covid jail on May 5th, we have to wait til May 9th ... Mother’s Day!! Woo-hoo!! 🤩

Yes, it’s been a long haul, we’re all sick of the restrictions, the masks etc. But this thing is not over ... continue to do your part, don’t let your guard down, everyone please take care.

I’m so relieved this all came about AFTER I had been to appts. with my mom. Needless to say I’m very protective of her & my sister.

While we’re grateful to be symptom free for the time being, we’ve got a ways to go. I cannot tell you how sickening it was to see that bright red positive on the test result screen, we were all shocked! I don’t mind admitting that I’m scared, I don’t want any of us to get sick , it’s scarey as hell, no matter what your feelings on the survival rates. I have no desire to test those numbers, none of us do. 🥺🤨

I went from the highs of being excited over finally getting my first vaccination last week to the lows of finding out Covid is touching my own family! 🥺😢😢 Joe was just days away from his first vaccination, now we’ll have to wait to rebook when it’s ok to.

You’ll still see me post my usual array of funny, naturey & animal stuff. No sense sitting around worrying, it serves no purpose. Everyone please stay vigilant, stay safe. 😷❤️😷

I hit post before I sent out a huge thank you to my cousin Theresa for being so patient answering my gazillion questions...we’re so lucky to have you in our corner cuz!! 💗💗💗

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