Concerned Citizen

Made to feel as if I'm nothing but a burden by this government

From Cambridge, ON

Wed Apr 28 2021


When this pandemic came to us last year everyone was scrambling so I didn't feel like I was the only 1 lost and confused. As time went on and different benefits were set up for people with different needs there was absolutely nothing for people who are on ODSP. The federal government did send out a $300 payment at the very beginning. To this day Ford and his government have not helped. We were already living far below the poverty line before this happened and as it continues we just continue to sink and no one cares. It's almost as if he wants us to get sick.

If we cannot even afford to eat properly how does he think we will ever get this Covid shot. The things on the top of our lists are trying not to become anymore ill with our current medical health that has put us on ODSP. How to pay our bills that just keep climbing and climbing AND when will anybody see that we are dying alone, not because of Covid but because we are expected to live 40% below the poverty rate.

I'm really starting to believe that he is hoping that we will just disappear either with our current health problems or eventually Covid will catch up to us and for many of us on disability that's all it will take.

What a cruel world we've found ourselves in. Shameful. If Essential Workers are not even taken care of properly, there's no hope for anyone with a disability that forces them not to work.

There is no bright light in Ontario and too many of us know that now and are starting to give up.

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