Healthcare Provider


From Hamilton, ON

Tue Apr 27 2021


I am a nurse in a major hospital. The ICU has expanded into 3 different areas of the hospital, and staff have been taken from every unit in order to care for the multitude of ICU patients, even though they are not trained in ICU care.

The other hospital units are facing a terrible shortage of staff because of this. We might need to go into a team based model of nursing-and it will be impossible for us to keep our sick patients safe.

My unit has patients who are critically ill, just don’t need to be on a ventilator. Something bad is going to happen if we become any more short staffed.

Everything has a ripple effect.

We need to vaccinate anyone over 18yrs old. Especially essential workers. They are the most at risk. Pay people to stay home when they’re sick. Honestly it is common sense.

The hospital I work at is the trauma, cardiac and neurosurgical centre for the entire region. What is happening right now is compromising care for those patients as well.

I am scared to go to work, that we won’t have the staff we need. I’ve already had anxiety attacks at work because of how busy it was—not being able to take care of people properly and being powerless to do anything about it is the worst feeling.

I am also exhausted from hearing people talk about lockdowns not working. They WORK, that is Part of why Australia and New Zealand are doing so well.

Just ask someone who works in a big city hospital first.

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